Trendy Colors for Autumn 2020 to Winter 2021

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

What are the main colors for Autumn 2020-Winter 2021?

Bright orange or bright red—vibrant and exuberant

Bright Amber has a yellowish-orangish brown shade. It is a light and bright color, perfect for wearing it with a contrast dark but warm-toned color.

Dark Blue—has a dark midnight blue shade, perfect for cold winter days.

Sleet—which is a light gray shade, which is perfect for winter.

Peach Nougat—which is a soft pale powdery peach shade.

Military Olive—is another warm-toned color perfect for autumn.

Putty—which is a pale nude shade.

Almond Oil—which is a warm off-white shade—this off-white shade has yellow undertone, better suited for warm-skinned people.

Powder Blue

Toffee—warm brown shade—it kind of looks chewy and caramel-like, perfect for autumn.

Asphalt Gray—is a dark gray shade, perfect for wintertime.

Rose Tan is a pinkish-beige shade, similar to putty and nude shades, pale and soft neutral shade.

Rusty Red is similar to brick red and maroon, because it is a dark and warm red shade. It is like a warm-toned burgundy and wine shade, which is perfect for autumn season.

Silver clothes, perfect for holiday celebrations, such as new year, but who is in the mood of celebrating in all this bullshit. I have a sequin newsboy cap and high heel shoes in silver, but I tend to wear them mostly during the holidays. Silver looks too festive.

Burgundy—it is a cool version of rusty red, maroon, and brick red. I love wearing burgundy and wine shades for winter. I have a pea coat and two purses this color, but I am not sure which shade. They might all be different shade.

Classic Blue looks more vibrant and bold blue shade, which is pretty. I have a beret this shade.


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