Transitioning Winter 2021 Fashions into Spring 2021

Monday, March 8, 2021

This Youtuber’s fashion video for Winter 2021 is interesting, although winter is almost over in two more weeks. But sometimes springtime is windy or too breezy, in which some winter items can still be worn, mostly in the morning or evening hours. I will analyze each of her top pics for March 2021. Therefore, I will further explain how winter 2021 can easily and smoothly transition into Spring 2021.

  • Monochromatic bodysuit pants. I have one from the 90s. Mini is a neutral beige color. I like it as a layering piece, but it is a annoying whe you are out somewhere and you have to go to the bathroom. You have to take off many pieces to get to the bodysuit, even though the bodysuit has a hole where the vagina location is. But I still don’t think it works well for women, unless they are trannies with a penis. For Spring, wear a short skirt and a loose button-down shirt over the bodysuit, as well as clunky boots.
  • Pleather leggings. I think I have 3. I wear a lot of leggings. So, this is very practical for me.
  • Long coats. I think long coats are trendy and fun, maybe more practical for the east coast and city environments. For southern California, it sometimes looks too dressy or too much clothes because most Californians tend to dress in casual outdoorsy look or minimal exhibitionist style. But long coats can be worn over skinny jeans, tank top, and a fedora.
  • Mixed metal purse, as well as huge clunky chain detail. I do like different metals as well as big chunky chains, but not necessarily together on one purse. I do have a cute knit ballet flats by Kurt Geiger. I do have an LV purse with huge plastic chains, and I have other purses, whether KL or Badgley Mischka with different colored chain handles, whether gold, silver, or black metal. 
  • Diamond initial necklace…I think this is getting old. I have had initial letter necklaces since I was a kid. I rarely wear these anymore. But I guess I will wear what I already have because they are fashionable now.
  • Ribbed sweater midi fit dress with short chunky boots. I have those short boots in black. I like them because they are cute, and I can probably still wear them during spring because spring is usually wet, windy, and breezy. 
  • Chunky moto-style coat with faux fur. It has the fake shearling look. This coat is good for east coast or northern California area because it is cooler. 
  • Wrap belt…I think I have one like this from the 90s, but I haven’t worn it for a while.
  • Sandal with block heel. These are cute, and I used to own something something in the 80s. It looks comfortable, and cute for spring dresses and skirt outfits.
  • Knit hats…with furry pompom, simple beanie, or knit headband.


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