Three Autumn Fashion Looks From Yoworld

Tuesday, 9.22.20

Today is the first day of autumn 2020. Since I have two FB pages, which were by accident, I also have two Yoworld lives, which includes two avatars to dress up each season. I added three of my avatar outfits for autumn season. They are casual, cozy, and warm-toned, which is all about autumn. 

#1 The Clean Look for Autumn

the first avatar has a clean look, similar to her cat. she appears to be an influencer, carrying her laptop, iphone, and selfie stick, everywhere she goes. she wears her red hair in an updo to displayer her rustic orange leaf earrings. 

Her red checkered dress has a lace trim from the slip underneath. She also wears a yellow flannel plaid shirt, and quilted khaki jacket, in layered form because that is what autumn is all about. The weather is slowly cooling off, and she is dressing in layers to fit the sudden weather changes. She also wears platform shoes with plaid accent and bow. 

To stay awake all day, she has a Matcha Green Latte drink. Even her purse is decorated with a cute bow. She also wears her reading glasses as a needed accessory when she works.

#2 The Earthy On-the-Go Adventurous Look for Autumn

Avatar #2 is into earthy brown colors, monochromatic with her chestnut brown hair. Her hair is also in an updo to display her brown rustic leaf earring. She has more eye makeup for a smoky and sexy look. 

Her checkered dress is khaki, with a khaki lacy trim from the slip underneath. She also wears a green plaid shirt and khaki quilted jacked in the trendy and layered autumn look. Her red platform high heel shoes has plaid accent and bow. She also wears her reading glasses for work. She is on-the-go free spirit adventurer, traveling everywhere with her two dogs, as she vlogs and blogs about her adventures. Her big purses has a cute bunny accessory, hanging off the side. She also carries her selfie-stick, tablet, umbrella, and matcha green tea latte everywhere she goes because she is always prepared for the unexpected.


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