The Top Beach Bag Essentials For A Careless Vacation

The peak of the summer season is reserved for vacations and “beaching”. If you are ready with your summer accessories, such as glasses, and hat,  you can now focus on the beach bag. And here, the inside is more important. Although the Top Beach Bag Essentials may sound too obvious,you will realize their importance when you leave them at home. And this can really ruin your day. A beach bag checklist is a must, so you don’t end up bringing things that you don’t need and leaving the ones that you really do. This guide will help you pack the beach bag for a careless vacation!

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If you are looking forward to spending a whole day at the beach, then bringing something for entertainment is a thing that you should consider. It might get boring, so you will need Slip in your favorite book, magazine, or earphones if you are planning to do something while you lay down and relax. If you like more energetic activities, you can bring a ball for beach volleyball.


Summer accessories are a must. A stylish straw hat and a pair of sunglasses will protect you from the sun rays. On the other hand if you want to add style to your beach outfit, fashion bracelets are certainly a way to go. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from, so everyone can get their favorite piece. A pretty bracelet on your wrist will make a big difference, so make sure that you slip one or a few in your bag. This means that you can choose one statement bracelet, or even mix a few so you can alter the looks. Bright colors will spice up the look, so make a smart choice.  You can even mix different colors in order to create the ultimate summer look. The best way to make them pop is to use contrast colors next to each other.

Mixing and matching textures is another thing that you want to consider. Did you know that this is how the pros do it? Different textures and patterns create visual interest. This means that you can play with different types such as braided , bangle, charm, and even beaded bracelets. You have a textured braided bracelet, next to a shiny metal one. This is the effect that should be achieved. Take one of each type and create different looks with three bracelets at a time.By experimenting, you can always find the combination that works.


This is one of those must-haves that really sound too obvious. Forgetting this crucial thing can really ruin your day,as you can easily get sunburns. Red and inflamed skin is not a thing that is pleasant. On the other hand, you need to care not only for the skin. Do not forget to take a lipbalm with SPF protection, as the thin and gentle skin on the lips is prone to drying. Also, you should take a hair spray with SPF protection as well.

Additional pair of swimsuit

Do not rely only on one pair of swimsuit when you go to the beach. No matter of the situation, always have a backup. Also, do not forget to slip a pouch for the wet pair in the bag.

A pair of flip flops

Walking barefoot on the hot sand is not the ideal image of a day at the beach. That’s why a pair of comfy flip flops is a must for your beach bag. You really don’t need anything fancy at all. Go for a simple design without any straps, that will allow you to slip them on quickly.

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Snacks and refreshment

Your body will lose liquids when exposed to the hot weather. And this is where dehydration can occur, resulting with a headache. To avoid this, bring a water bottle with you. Despite for staying hydrated, you will need some food  too. Avoid having heavy and fatty foods at the beach. Instead, pack some fruits, nuts, healthy sandwiches and wraps. They will give you enough energy and will not make you feel full and lazy.


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