The Psychology and Reasons behind Why We Love and Buy Sneakers

Loving and buying sneakers is a common thing. Here are some reasons which make people love and buy sneakers.

There are a plethora of reasons which make people love and buy sneakers. If you are a sneaker-lover, you can ask yourself the reasons which make you buy them. You will notice that the question is somehow difficult to answer. When you buy sneakers, you can also get stretch no tie shoelaces to transform them into a quick slip-on.

Besides, the truth of the matter — we all have different reasons why we buy a pair of sneakers. Some of the common reasons include because you love their colors or silhouette. In this article, you will discover different reasons which make people love and buy sneakers.

The Desire to Look Exclusive

We all love having a pair of sneakers which is not owned by someone else. It is the reason which makes the exclusive sneaker pair cost so much. If the sneaker is exclusive or limited, it will be sold at a higher price.

History of the Sneaker Design

Some sneakers are designed in a way that they have historical significance. If you love the history of a certain brand or design of sneakers, you might buy them.


Your sneakers will indeed grow old and wear out and when this happens, you will look for ways of buying new sneakers which are more comfortable. Also, if you realize the sneakers you are wearing do not fit your feet, you can look for a new pair of sneakers which will fit you well.


Sometimes when you are walking near a shopping mall or just window shopping and see a pair of sneakers which you have been looking for a long period of time at an affordable price, then the best thing you can do in such a situation is to buy it.

The Color of Sneakers

There are individuals who are obsessed with a certain color of sneakers and they will tend to buy so many sneakers of the same color — say red. The color of one pair of sneaker can affect or help you make a decision on the next color of sneakers you would buy.

Loyalty to One Brand

There are some who love a certain brand of sneakers and they will always do their best to wear the same brand as their old sneakers. They will not buy any other brand except the one they are used to. After the brand releases a new pair of sneakers, they will buy them and in the end, they will end up with so many pairs of sneakers from a single brand.

Emotional Attachment

Most buy sneakers because they love them and feel emotionally attached to them. You might also buy different brands of sneakers since you feel you need to wear them so that you can feel good about it.

When you buy a new pair of sneakers, ensure you also get stretch no tie shoelaces as they make wearing sneakers easy. The above are just a few reasons and psychology which make people love and buy sneakers.


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