The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Hats

When it comes to a hat with a brim make sure that it is just the right size for your face and won’t overshadow your body. It should frame your face nicely and the color should flatter your skin. If the brim is a bit dipped it will bring focus upon your face.

Never match a hat made of leather with a leather jacket. Too much leather and it’s not a fashion statement. Instead, choose a knit cap or perhaps a trendy kind of newsboy and it will be a perfect contrast to your leather jacket.

Menswear print caps are a fun statement just be sure you wear them with solid colored clothing.

Basically retro hats are a thing of the past and should be passed by when choosing hats.

Knit hats are very much in style but always to make them look the best leave some wisps of hair or bangs showing. Don’t stuff all your hair under the hat.

If you’re going to just put on any old clothes perhaps to do a job or just because they are comfortable leave the hat at home. Hats are meant to complete a fashion statement.

Hats especially caps are a great way to dress up your look when you’re wearing denim.

If you’re into sports or going to a game, do wear a baseball cap. Don’t wear one if you’re fashionably dressed.

Even though fedoras are masculine hats women can make them work simply by adding well-applied makeup and jewellery and it can provide a sexy kind of look.

If you’re going for the county look make sure you choose a cowboy hat that sits just right on your head and accessorise it with the right attire right down to your cowboy boots.


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