Summer Purses 2020

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Summer purses include straw bag, raffia handbag with cutouts with floral embroidery, rattan or wicker handbags, raffia with fringe and beads bag, raffia woven bag. They are all in a light color as well as they all have a similar woven texture, regardless of the actual material, whether cloth, wood, leather, or pleather, to match light-colored summer outfits, which are mostly white, pastel, pale neutral, and some colorful bold colors and prints. This video is from summer 2019, but it still works in summer 2020 because I still use similar purses, and some of my old purses are from 80s and 90s.

I don’t have a snaphot of my wooden or woven purses on my computer. So, I just added a snapshot of one of my white purses. Gumby is taking a nap in the background, behind the purse.


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