Spring/Summer 2021 Fashions

Saturday, February 6, 2021

  1. Clogs. That sounds good because I have always been into clogs. I have always worn clogs since the 90s. 
  2. Anklet shoe with chain or metal hardware. That sounds nice.
  3. Maxi Blazer. This looks like shit and ridiculous, perfect for lesbians. I prefer fitted blazers.
  4. Tie-dye. That is OK, although youthful, because I used to wear it when I was younger, and I still have older pieces.
  5. Slipper. I have one. I currently wear a Steve Madden platform leopard print furry slipper for yoga meetups.
  6. Big pants. This is shit, too. It might be good to wear for women who still have their period. 
  7. Big Purses, such as pillow bags, oversized and slouchy bags, relaxed style. They are practical and useful.
  8. Dad Sandals. They are OK. I can wear them if they are my size. It looks good with beach casuals and summer outfits.
  9. Low-rise pants. I can wear those, although they looked better on me when I was younger in my 20s and 30s.
  10. Classic clothes made oversized, such as huge shirts. I used to wear them in the 80s. Trenchcoats. Mixing fabrics.
  11. Transparent sheer fabrics. I have blouses like this, but I wear a camisole underneath, which would also look good with drawstring pants and culottes as well as lowrise pants.


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