Spring Fashion Ideas to Dress Like a Rock Star for 2019

You Too Can Dress Like a Rock Star Without Breaking the Bank

Find out how to add items to your wardrobe and use them in many alternate ways to make you the boss of spring fashion at a nominal fee. Anyone can achieve the rocker chic appearance that is feminine yet still tough in a way that pulls off the look easily. There are a few rules to follow to get down with spring fashion.


Find Inspiration


Take a good look at all the rockers in the genre of music that you listen to. Take note of their personal styles to get ideas for yourself. Note which items of their style that you can incorporate easily into your own wardrobe. Baby doll dresses are a great look to pair with heavy makeup, giving you a sweet side and a sexy, tough appearance all at once.


Develop a Signature Piece


You may already have a signature piece that you incorporate into your outfits on a daily basis such as stiletto heels, bright red hair or scarves. If you don’t already have a signature item that is unique to you, find something that you can work with so you can stand out in the spring from the plain Jane outfits. You can pair baby doll dresses with converse high top sneakers or stilettos, making the baby doll dress your signature item. How about a new hot hair cut with a shockingly bright color and pair it with sweet and dainty floral dresses. Focus on maintaining or building a collection of the items you choose for your signature pieces. Keep in mind to pair one feminine and one rocker element in every one of your outfits to pull off the rock star chic look.


Find Signature Stores That Have Your Pieces


Each and every outfit doesn’t need to break the bank. You can shop at places such as eBay and thrift stores in your area such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Visit the thrift stores often and you will know which ones carry the items on a continual basis that you are incorporating into your rock look. For example, most thrift shops get the same types of items all the time from the same donors. Others have clothing and accessories that they take on consignment and one person that brought clothing to be sold on consignment likely has items that are all along the same style. Someone may wear a lot of florals and others may do large print clothing. Thrift stores are a gold mine for vintage pieces for loud colors of the 60’s, baby doll dresses from the 70’s and the signature brightly colored jackets from the 80’s.


The Little Black Jacket


Just as the little black dress has its place in a wardrobe, so does the little black leather jacket. This can be your spring signature piece when it’s still chilly out and it hasn’t warmed up to summer temperatures yet. Choose a black leather jacket that has zippers and pockets. The ideal jacket will be close fitting and short so that it only reaches your waist.


The Plaid Shirt


As the spring warms up a bit and doesn’t call for a leather jacket, you can choose to wear a plaid shirt and wear it open over a solid colored T-shirt that matches one color in the plaid pattern. This look can be a great piece, as you only need one plaid shirt and a few solid color T-shirts to keep it as your signature look.


Develop a Signature Makeup Style


When you develop a signature makeup style, you have several things to keep in mind. You look can be anywhere from demure bare skin and a bright red lipstick to a full face with highlighting, contouring, lipstick, eye shadow and mascara, You signature makeup style is something that is clearly you and doesn’t depend on your wardrobe or change when you wear something different.


Consider The Time Factor


No matter if you are choosing a skin regime or a makeup look you need to see how much time you are willing to spend on your makeup style. Consider how much time you have to develop your look before you go out on the town after work and want to rock it.


Find a Great Base


The very most important part of your makeup is your base. It’s called base because it is the very beginning of the rest of the makeup that you choose for your signature look and then you build on it. You need to choose the perfect shade of base for your skin type and color. The key is to get the lightest one you can find that does the trick but doesn’t look thick on your face. Now, if you have occasional break outs, you can opt for a heavy full coverage foundation at that time to add more coverage.

You also need to decide about the application method of your base, as they are not all liquid these days. The liquid bases have to be worked in with your hands to smooth it over your face and blend it into your skin. You may opt for a powder foundation that you can just pat on your skin with a makeup brush. Even if you have a budget for your makeup, get the best base that you can afford.


Add Color to Your Makeup Style


After you have a great base, you can start working on the visible aspects of your signature look. This is the lips, cheeks and eye makeup. You can try several different styles that you can reproduce easily just by looking at photos of people that you would like to try. You can buy a larger selection of colors of eye shadow at a drug store for a good price and experiment on your signature style. The good thing about makeup is that if you try something and don’t like it very much, you can simply wash it off and start over or make small changes as you see fit. Your perfect look may be dewy skin, defined eyes, highlighted cheekbones and bare lips or red berry lips, brown mascara and rosy colored cheeks.

Try some of these ideas to develop your signature look in spring as a rocker chic and maintain the same appearance so it will be unique to your style and tastes.


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Written by Jenny Larson

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