Revamp Your Everyday Outfits With These Statement Belts!

Without waist belts our attire is incomplete and conveys an unkempt look, so it’s a much-needed accessory in our wardrobe, speaking as a woman who is more obsessed with her accessories than she is with her dresses, I dare say they are what we call essentials in the fashion world. They combine to give a perfect fit with sophisticated looks which enhance not just outfits but also personalities.

But I am so done with carrying banal and plain belts! Be it at work or some party, the waist belts which are an essential accessory usually come in the similar design and colors in the market. Over the years’ women carry the same design consisting of the same cliché black or brown color with jeans, skirts or dresses. Not anymore, thanks to Kerry Parker I have identified an all-new world of statement belts which will be apt for every occasion consisting of very unique colors unlike the ones found usually. The very first design that blew my mind is the white cloud belt with multicolor flowers. This belt will be perfect for party wear over some dark shade. It’s a piece which will go perfectly with any one-piece dress or on a long top. Following the awesomeness as well as keeping the innovation we have a white leopard peplum, it’s a broad designer belt with a knot for self-adjustment. This leopard peplum is a universal fit for any dress or skirt or even can be tied over some top to give a funky look.

Next one is a particularly feminine floral belt with pink flowers having crystals for embellishment. It’s definitely going to make head turns. Whether you are heading for a date or some weekend party, this piece from our collection is perfect. With a metal strap to tie it’s a ten on ten buys. For styling, you could pair it with a sexy padded bralette, denim shorts and a pair of combat boots. The padded bralette should be of a light shade to compliment the belt. Just follow my fashion lead and see how statement belts can make the simplest of outfits special.

Next, we have another beautiful shade of the Scalloped floral cloud, as the name suggests it has scallops of cloud shape to give a very modish look on a bodycon or on an informal plain dress. You can also try it with a padded bralette and a pair of formal pants. 

“What the stud “is the most versatile belt. You can wear it to a party and also work. It can be worn over a jumpsuit, a skirt, a top or on some dress. It’s a belt with enormous studs on it giving it a royal and stunning look. All these designs of statement belts are going to give you a very gorgeous look, different from the crowd and the usual belts which are in the market for over centuries. Having them in the wardrobe and wearing them will definitely reflect you as a paragon of style and panache.


Furthermore, all these belts come with great quality and at affordable prices without burning a much hole in your pocket. So, hurry up go ahead, find a perfect match and size for your waist without much delay for a fantabulous and eye-catching look!


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