Pulling the Weight of the Wedding Season in Pakistan

We grew up learning that Pakistan in all its glory has four seasons that make it the best place to live on earth.  But the curriculum curators forgot about the big fat wedding season that takes up half of the year. Oh, not to mention rest of the half is spent preparing for it! Every year it feels like the wedding vibes are stronger than the previous year and you need to up your style game as you go about hoping to be the best dressed on the guest list.

Stick to Your Style

First rule here is not over do just because you want to stand out or look the absolute best. The key to look fashionably chic and dapper is to know your style and to stick to it. You will be going for formal dresses when it comes to any wedding occasion instead of your usual casual look. So, remember that you will look different than usual anyway; no need put in the extra effort and consequently being the odd one out. Sometimes having all eyes on you is the last thing you want!

Find the Right Fit

You may be shopping at the highest brand on the fashion avenue but unless it fits you right there is absolutely no point of putting in all the effort, time, and money! Wearing a prominent designer can sound very charming but the charm will soon fade as you would come looking dorky! So you next suit can be tailored by a master in the next street or a promising brand such as Monark, you need to keep your focus on the fact that it fits you right.

Mix and Match

The chances are that you will be attending more than one wedding this season, so unless you have just hit the greatest jackpot of your life you need to go with the golden rule of mix and match to create new looks. This is not only a cost effective way to stride with pride through your endless series of event but also it will save you the trouble of actually going through the much dreaded process of shopping during the busiest time of the year.  You will look super dandy with minimal effort and can genuinely create quite an impression wherever you go.

Don’t Shop Hard, Shop Smart

One of the few things that take a great toll on your mood and energy level during the wedding season is the very basic activity of shopping. So save yourself the trouble of shopping in brick and mortar structures by going for trusted online shopping options available in the market. Remember, not only the size, fit and style matters but also you need to take note of the shipping policy and days of the brand you choose. You don’t want your order arriving late or not arriving at all! So brand reputation does matter a lot, do you research before you shop those expensive suits.

Boot Up as You Suit Up

We know that all your focus is on suiting up for the formal event, but it would a great shame if you would not be able to complete your look with just the right accessories. So make sure your shoe game is on spot.  The right kind of complimentary shoes will add a silver lining to your look.

When it comes to the intense wedding season in Pakistan, there is no Golden Rule to survive it. The best you can do is to stick to your true sense of style and be super conscious about the labels you trust. Trying something new will be a whole different gamble that you probably shouldn’t get into at this point.


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Written by Bushra Malik

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