Psychological & Socio-Economic Analysis of Fashion

Thursday, July 23, 2020

I think this video is interesting because I have always been into color, fashion, and Social Science analysis.

Their preference for fashion trendiness, slim physique, perfect makeup, and perfect hairstyle gives off an overall perfect appearance and image, which attracts followers and admirers. They have their particular close-knit pack, in which I think is for support and strength in numbers. They enforce certain styles, must-have fashion etiquettes, rules, and colors for unity and togetherness. Pink and pastels are their most popular colors, as well as other soft colors and textures, and designer labels. They apparently are insecure, but their image and group give them the confidence and strength to pursue higher goals and aspirations.

Besides Mean Girls, I have noticed this in Legally Blonde, Grease’s Pink Ladys. Clueless, and other TV series and movies.


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