Paris Fashion Week 2022

Wednesday, 4.13.22

While on Youtube, I traveled to Paris Week Fashion, as well as checking other fashion runway videos to check out what they’re promoting for Fall and Winter 2022/2023.

The first video is about creating art.

The second video is about texture, such as soft velvet and felt, black and white, as well as black and hot pink.

The third video is texture, such as knits, fishnet stockings, lacy hosiery, lots of lace everywhere, and decorating simple outfits with gems and jewels. 

#1 What Actually Happened at Paris Fashion Week

Monday, April 11, 2022

This video explains the Paris Fashion Week 2022. Fashion clothing and accessories are about art installations on the runway, as fashion models nonchalantly strut down the runway with poker faces, displaying clothes, hats, shoes and purses, created by different fashion designers. But I think since these products are very expensive, only the elites can afford it, or other invited guests, which are likely VIPs and celebrities.

Since Meryll Rogge is a new designer, she was open for an interview.

Patou is an old fashion house, which is now being modernized and refreshed in 2022.

Dries Van Noten had some clothes on mannequins at their showroom.

Cool TM showroom displayed grandma-inspired blanket clothes in plaid and checks. Also, Puffy jackets in different material and texture.

Casablanca Bvlgari’s Charaf Tajer was interviewed.

Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Meryll Rogge, Patou, Dries Van Noten, and Bvlgari.


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