Paris Fashion Week 2020 fashion ideas

Friday, October 30, 2020

This video displays some fashions during Paris Fashion Week 2020 for Spring/Summer 2021. As usual, I notice a nautical theme, which happens every spring. 

  1. Lots of ruffles.
  2. Short socks with heels.
  3. Stripes, mostly in blue and white stripes.
  4. Trench coats…in stripes…and/or ruffles…but at least has some kind of nautical theme for spring.
  5. Navy blazer with a logo on the top pocket.
  6. Statement jewelry to decorate hats, scarves, and clothes.    
  7. I notice bloomers worn as shorts. I haven’t worn bloomers since I was 5 or 6 years old. 
  8. Long striped shirtdresses. 

An example of an outfit: Match blouse with skirt for an elongated appearance, and maybe add a narrow belt. Add the navy blazer for breezy spring days or cool evening weather, or a trench coat for wet days.  Maybe a beret with a cute statement pin or brooch to decorate it. Short socks with heeled shoes updates this look for spring 2021.

My items: I have a couple of ruffled items with similar style. A denim jacket from Hamburg Germany, a red long sleeve shirt from the 80s, a blue wrap shirt from the 80s, a white victorian blouse from 80s,  blazers, short socks, and trench coats. I have an old ruffled skirt, which I can make work for spring 2021. 


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