November 2017 Fashion Update

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I just received the November 2017 issue of California Style magazine. I noticed the usual autumn trends, such as trench coats that cinch the waist as well as wearing a belt with a long sweater over leggings or skinny jeans, and denim jackets with fake shearling. Metallic clothes and accessories continue to be popular. Cuffs and round-frame glasses seem to be in style for November. Hoop earrings are making a comeback, but in different colors, styles and designs.

  1. Downtown LA Adventure might include Beverly Hills hotel and spa, browsing at vintage and rustic stores for natural products as well as grabbing a snack at country-style restaurants.
  2. OC Riviera might include a road trip adventure, where you stay at a cozy lodge with spa, mineral pools, and gourmet coffee shop as well as gourmet meals. Pet dogs are welcome to join you on your vacation. VW buses transport guests to various tours and activities, such as hiking trails.
  3. California Casuals include large tote bags, small motel on the coast, a good book inside your tote bag, and metal cuff with your name in diamond studs. Wake up at 6:30 am to start your day with a cup of coffee before taking a stroll on the shore. The key is dressing comfy in designer t-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers, sandals, and designer totes. By noon, relax at a Beverly Hills spa, which also includes playing tennis. Makeup involves natural colors, such as lip gloss, glossy lip pencil, brown eyeshadow and eye pencil, and peach or apricot blush. A must-have item in your makeup purse is sunscreen SPF 50, which is worn under your makeup. In the evening hours, knee-high brown boots, midi shirtdress, and purse with colorful bold graphics. Dining includes artist hangout places with creative placemats, vases, and candlelight.
  4. Free Thinker is all about making your own fashion style and wearing it your way. It is mostly comprised of the bohemian style because rings, bangles, and beaded necklaces are literally stacked on fingers, wrists, and around your neck. You might also want to add a cloth light scarf, as a form of necklace. Be a Robot or just look like one. The robot look involves wearing metallic and shiny clothes and accessories with style by wearing metallic items with one neutral matte outfit, such as dress or suit, and then adding a shiny jacket, shoes, boots, purse, scarf, belt, and/or hats. Mix and match carefully but don’t overdo it into a transhumanism propaganda machine.
  5. San Francisco and Berkeley, California are cool and wet cities in northern California. Home of UC Berkeley, SF 49ers, Alcatraz, piers, Chinatown, art and culture, downtown shopping, and coastal Carmel, northern California is just as lovely as southern California cities and towns. Earthy brown shades, wildcat fake fur prints, fake fur jackets and vests, and the layered look are always popular in the cooler months of autumn. Round-frame sunglasses, bangles-style metallic bracelet, tumbler, slip dress with gingham print, zip-around wallet, leopard print high heel pumps, trench coat with laminated or patent shine, moisturizer, Chanel silk scarf, leopard print midi dress, velvet pillow, LV purse, denim button front long skirt with turtleneck, Diesel fashions, Saint Laurent fashions, triangular Mondrian-style ankle boots in warm tones, and  print purse are some of the biggest trends for this November.
  6. Oxford shoes and matching purse and laptop case with hounds-tooth print are all about dressing like a classy professional.
  7. Makeup: colored mascara on a bare face or red lipstick on a bare face. Snogged lip is about lining your lip with a soft lip pencil, and using your finger to gently blotting a red stain on your lip. Eyeshadow is also bold and colorful in neon pink, electric blue, or red in order to make a bold statement. Other makeup must-haves include eye wand, correcting primer, highlighter, and foundation stick. Full lashes are also popular for November.
  8. November nail color is blue, from royal blue to cobalt to navy.
  9. Give yourself a facial, once a week, by washing, exfoliating, and massaging your face as well as steaming your face and using a mask. A good moisturizing is important during cooler months because skin tends to get dry.
  10. Metal hair accessories, such as barrettes and hair pins decorate hair in some way, whether to put up long hair or decorate short hair.
  11. Like the skin, hair also needs to be protected from drying out or frizzing out into an afro. Consider a UV Protectant, styling wand, hair styler, and hair mousse. And, of course, where lots of cute hats, whether knit or beanie hats or stylish and fashionable hats.
  12. After shaving or waxing your legs, consider body oil or body butter cream for silky smooth skin.


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