Need to fix Tattering Pleather Vest

Friday, 8.21.20

Earlier this week, I had worn my mint green pleathern moto vest over my short dress with small daisies to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I had also carried my mint green KL purse because it looked good with it, along with my taupe knee-high lace up boots to cover my black compression socks. When I returned home, I noticed the inside of the collar area of this vest was tattering. I decided to research this issue on Youtube, and I noticed a similar incident, where a girl was mending the tattering collar of her brown pleather jacket. She cut a cloth piece, the size of the collar area, and sewed it on the inside of the collar to cover the area. She used to a sewing machine as well as mending it by hand. I think I will only do it by hand because my sewing machine skills isn’t very good and I don’t want to mess up my moto vest. 

Yesterday, I decided to go to Michaels to look for some kind of cloth piece that is similar in color. I checked out some ribbons I can used, but I wasn’t sure which shade I should get. One actually looked too light, while the other was a little darker. The cashier suggested I also check Joann’s merchandise. I drove to Joann’s, across the street, and browsed in their ribbon section. I compared three different green shades. One was very light, almost white, while the other two were slightly different shades. The darker one was probably teal. So, I chose the other one. When I bought it, I noticed it was half price. 

When I came home, I placed the ribbon roll near my vest and noticed it was a good color match–the exact shade of mint green. I got lucky because I was guessing the whole time between the assorted colors in Michaels and Joanns.

I watched the video again to see how she sewed it on. I was thinking about the process all night long, envisioning myself doing it, kind of like building a blueprint in my mind before I actually do it so that I don’t mess it up. 

I like that mint green moto vest. I had bought it a couple of years ago at Nordstrom, in the Spectrum Center, probably around 2015. And, it is interesting that I had noticed this tattering area after I had worn it at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but at the South Coast Plaza mall. 

So, this will be my next project—to carefully mend my pleather moto vest collar area. I will probably do it this weekend.


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