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Nail Art Design History and Trends

Nail art designs have evolved over the years. Today, people are coming out bold through nail art by embracing bright colors and bold artistic images.

If you want to make a fashion statement, then, you must be conscious of the nail style you adore. Nails, although small, make a vital part of your over beauty. Exceptionally done nail, contribute to your general glamour.

When painting your nails, ensure clean, dry, and well-trimmed. You start by applying a base coat. Apply the two layers of the polish of your choice. Allow the polish to dry. Then finish up by using a clear top coat. Most of all, nail art design follows these simple steps.

Apart from nail polish, you can use stick-on to achieve that perfect look you have been looking for. Your nails imperfectness should not be a limiting factor. Stick-on gives you and your artist a room to work and attain the desired stylish result without much strain.

Nail art is not limited to a particular race or culture. Regardless of where you come from, there is so much you can groom your nails for a classy look.

7 Nail Art Designs

The following are some of the nail art designs you can try out. This list comes in handy since it comprises of some of the latest, and top trending designs to try out.

1.    Alternate Colors.

This is one of the most straightforward art style yet trendy. You use a different color for each finger.

2.    Effect Polish

There are various effects to choose from. For instance; crackle, color changer, and magnetic influence. The choice of polish is based on the polish impact you want to achieve.

3. Animal Print Nail Art

This is a typical nail art style. You decide on the animal print you want and allow the beautician to do his work. The options here are limitless since there are so many animal prints. You can do an animal print of a lion if you like lions.

4. Sunset Silver Glitter Gel

You use matte orange nail polish to attain the look for intense sun heat. Use a white layer with orange and black leaves standing out and surrounding the middle area.

5. Polka Heart Nails Design.

This design is most suitable for valentine’s day. However, you can have the style at any other time of the year. Use different shades of pick t make dots once you achieve the desired heart design; you can use a clear top coat.

6. Pearly White Style

This is the most natural nail art design. You use nail polish of your natural nail color. It’s most suitable for short nails.

7. Pale Blue Triangles

This is simple to do nail art design. It entails drawing simple triangle shapes using a pale blue polish. The design looks classy and straightforward.


Above, is just a brief list of gorgeous nail art designs. You can try out various models based on your motivation to achieve the best natural stylish look. The styles are not cast on stone. You can play around with colors and shapes to come up with a unique masterpiece.

To avoid the mess that comes with try and error method, you can work with the help of a trained and specialized nail art designer. He will advise you on what works best for you. Visit any nail art outlet and get your nails done from there. Alternative, you can do the nails yourself from the comfort of your house. You only need to buy the require nails polishes and polishing tools. Also, you can check for beauticians who visit clients at their premises and let them work on your nails from your office or house.

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Written by Rohan Biswas


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