Must-Have Velvet In The Wardrobe

Velvet is hot trending fashion now. You will find girls of all ages wearing the fabric in the winter, and also at other times of the year. They are styling velvet in all sorts of ways, sometimes an all-velvet look, and at other times as a part of the outfit. And why not! The fabric not only looks very elegant and sophisticated, it is extremely comfortable to wear it too. Few wear velvet in the summer, but with the fall setting in now, girls are beginning to bring out their velvet from the back of their wardrobes.

The Many Ways Of Wearing Velvet

It’s not just the dresses, there are so many other items also to consider. For instance, you will find shoes and accessories made of velvet doing very well. It’s a great material for the fall season, for the coming holiday season, and also for partying in. Velvet is street style always looks good, inspiring us. Then there are so many local and international labels that have come out with their velvet ranges. True, the fabric has regained its popularity after a brief period when it was mostly stacked away.

Consider these velvet pieces. They are a must have for your wardrobe.

Velvet Tops


You can’t go wrong with a velvet top. Choose from a v-neck camisole, polka dot top ready for the party, an off the shoulder top, a slim turtleneck, cross over blouse, which you can wear with your oversized hoodie or boyfriend blazer. Blue is the classic color, yes, but others too can look good, like this one here. Remember, velvet can look good both in long and short sleeves. Both slim and bulky designs do just fine. For these reasons, a velvet top will always be a statement piece in most wardrobes.

Velvet Dresses


Velvet is of course most popular in the summer. But you can also wear the velvet fabric in the summer, and look stunning in it in this way. There are so many ways of wearing the fabric. Wear a bodysuit, wrap dress, striped or slip dress, or a square neck slip dress. In the summer, you can even wear a velvet swimsuit. And when it’s chilly, wear a hoodie or tee below for extra warmth. Add a coat over your shoulders and you will look pretty. You can also wear with a cozy sweater.

Velvet Bottoms

Sometimes pulling off a velvet bottom can be a bit difficult, but style it correctly, and it will certainly look awesome. The impact will be instant. Try wearing a wide-leg trouser with your chunky platform. You can also wear velvet midi and miniskirts, and track pants among others. One way to pair the bottom is with silk camis or a basic tee, which creates an effortless vibe.

There is the cotton velvet fabric too, which also looks good. This is a soft, piled cloth with a distinct sheen. It is often used in the making of skirts, blazers, trousers, gowns, and jackets.


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