More Bad Reviews for Emily in Paris

Monday, 10.26.20

While on Youtube, I noticed more reviews about Emily in Paris. Both Youtubers hated the show. But, the first youtubers talks about the terrible outfits that Emily wore, trying to appear fashionable. In the second video, the youtubers reviews every about the show, and states that everything about it sucked. 

I haved never watched this series because I don’t have Netflix anyway. But I didn’t care for Sex and the City either, and I have seen that series when it came on TV, in which I watched it as reruns, and it really wasn’t a big deal. 

#1 Emily in Paris is a Fashion Disaster.

This Youtuber states that the Netflix series Emily in Paris sucked. But, on this video, she talks about the show’s fashion disaster as well as the main character is supposed to be a fashionista but her outfits were terrible. I think this Emily is similar to Andrea Sachs in Devil Wears Prada, played by Anne Hathaway. She, too, sucked in fashion, her outfits were terrible, and she was chubby, which made her very different from the very thin and fashionable people at Runway Magazine. I agree that both Emily and Andrea didn’t fit in with the people in the industry they were hired. Both characters were happy with their jobs, and they should have just left because it is obvious they were in the wrong job. In Devil Wears Prada, Andrea eventually leaves, even though Miranda gives her a promotion or connections she wanted. Since I have never watched Emily in Paris, who knows how it will end, if she leaves Paris or changes herself to fit with the Paris life.

#2 emily in paris sucked (a review) 🍷👡✨

This youtubers reviews the Netflix series, Emily in Paris, and she states it sucks. She also describes how arrogant and ignorant the main character is at her job as well as in Paris, in general, that she clashes with everyone she meets. Yeah, just watching the clips in this video, the characters seems stupid and confused, not sure why she’s in Paris.  Yeah, this show seems to have lots of stereotypes about French, Asians, Gays, and Americans. It looks like the character Emily is trying too hard to be fashionable and fit with the French culture, but she ends up making a fool of herself as a fashion flop and looks awkward at her job.

It interesting that she mentioned watching TV for background noise because I often do that, regardless of what’s on TV.


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