Looking to make a Statement? Consider these Tips to Buy the Perfect Gold Chain.

Jewelry is an accessory that can superbly enhance your unique look. And gold is a material that is widely used in creating magnificent jewelry masterpieces. There is no doubt that both men and women adore different kinds of gold earrings, rings, bracelets, and especially chains. Such unique accessories can prove to be a perfect match to any outfit. Today, gold accessory manufacturers offer great variety of products and therefore, it is not easy to choose the right one.  However, most people often make the mistake of thinking that choosing men’s golf plated chains and women’s gold earrings.

Gold chains differ in the content of gold, style, weight and length, so before you choose gold plated chains for men and women, you should hold your horses and think about what you actually need. Here, we have come up with some of the important factors to consider when you are looking for the perfect god plated chain-

  • Know what you Need

Jewelry market is saturated with different types of chains that work for different purposes and personalities. Some men’s gold plated chains come with a masculine look; however others are better to hold pendants. Some of the most common types of gold chains available:

  • Bead or Ball Chain

These varieties of chains come with small round beads of metal that are linked closely with a small space in between in order to allow movement. These mens gold plated chains can vary in thickness between 1-2 mm.

  • Box Chain

This type of chain comes with square box links that are usually worn as a necklace for pendants and around the wrist with watches. The good thing about these types of chains is that it is very easy to repair as compared to other types of chains.

Amongst others, cable chain, mariner chain, Figaro, rope chain, and snake chains are others that could be preferred for a distinctive look.

  • Know the strength of the Chain

If you want to wear a chain on a daily basis, you would want to consider the strength of the chain. Out of all types of chains, the strongest chains are made of links, like cable, anchor and figaro. And these are considered the strongest because-

  • Each link is soldered individually
  • They can be made even more thicker and more durable without even compromising the flexibility of a rope chain
  • Moreover, they don’t have a bending point- which means that they will not break and can resist any form of activity like bending, twisting, knotting or folding       
  • Assess the Gold Quality

Since gold is quite a demanding metal, there could always be a chance that people will try to fob you off with a fake. But the key to outcast them is to be alert and not fall for traps. Look for the hallmark, porcelain test to check if the material is fake, check whether the product is magnetic and make sure the gold you buy passes the acid test.

So if you are looking for mens gold plated chains, you can find an unbeatable range of products suiting all budget types. And considering the above factors will help you find your ideal chain.


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