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Jamdani Sarees – A Stunning Saree from Bengal

Bengal is a place in India known for its culture and history. The attires of Bengal also have the culture of the place imbibed in them. The sarees of Bengal are known for the extraordinary degree of designs and motifs which looks colorful and striking.

One of the well- known saree of Bengal is called as Jamdani.  Jamdani is deemed as one of the best muslins of Bengal. The saree has a rich heritage. The UNESCO has announced it as the ‘intangible heritage of humanity’ because of its history and fine art imbibed in the saree which makes it wholly Indian. Let’s see some of the things which make Jamdani unique.

The origin of Jamdani saree 

The origin of Jamdani can be traced back to the Mughal dynasty where the saree was made by a group of people who were expert in the Jamdani saree creation. The saree was made especially for the nobles of the royal family. From that time the name Jamdani came to be in use and has never changed till date. The word Jamdani is a Persian word ‘jam’ meaning flower and ‘Dani’ meaning vase.

How is the Jamdani saree made?

The Jamdani sarees is a fabric woven in cotton. It is a work of artistry of the Bangladeshi weavers. The beautiful patterns are woven together and the result is a shimmering material of the saree. The motifs in the saree and drawn in a paper and placed in the saree. The designs are a flower and a clubbing of figures. Then the decorative designs are weaved in the loom mostly in white and grey. The saree is mixed with gold thread and cotton. Making a Jamdani saree is a very laborious and time-consuming process but the result is worth the hard work.

The Jamdani is very supple and has diaphanous folds. The mango designs in the Jamdani saree are very popular because they signify marital bliss, fertility, and prosperity. There are many categories in a Jamdani saree. The tangail Jamdani saree has a single border color and sometimes two, this types of a border are called the meenakari design. A shantipur Jamdani has checkered stripes and textures made by threads or thick yarn. Dye design is made in the pallu of the saree and this is a modern addition to beautify the saree. These are some of the creative sides of the stunning Jamdani saree.

Get the traditional Jamdani saree for your wedding

It is saree of beautiful designs and excellent motifs. The Jamdani saree is a very fitting saree to be worn for a wedding. The brides of Bangladesh wear the traditional Jamdani sarees for their weddings. The sarees made for the brides is woven with gold threads in the border of the saree. The Jamdani sarees are quite expensive and require high maintenance but a precious thing to have on your wardrobe. But first, let’s see some of the beautiful designs of the Jamdani sarees available online.

•    An off-white Jamdani saree is a must for every Jamdani lover. The saree is simple and elegant. The designs in the off-white Jamdani saree can range from lotus, rose, jasmine, banana, and ginger.

•    A full red Jamdani saree with a gold border woven in the gold thread will look glorious. This saree will be very suitable for a wedding ceremony. The saree will make you look like a queen.

These are some of the peek into the collection of Jamdani sarees. You can find many beautiful designs like this in the online saree shops. So be traditional and look beauty personified at any special occasion by wearing the Bangladeshi saree Jamdani.


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Written by Clara Morgan

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