Insights 1.29.22

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Around 3 pm, I decided to go to the Irvine Fine Arts Center at Heritage Plaza to check out an art reception, even though I didn’t feel like going there because it is usually boring there. I stayed there for around 30 minutes, browsing the art, which wasn’t a big deal, and snacking on some small snacks. I didn’t stay long there because there wasn’t much to see or many people to meet. I returned home at 4 pm, and browsed on Youtube.

Canadian Truckers are fighting back. Justin Castro is a pussy.

Venus is out of retrograde, and mercury will go into retrograde on Thursday night.

Michael Jackson distorted his face to hide whatever the Illuminati were doing to him. He had issues about himself, and he was trying to change himself to please the people he was working for. They were making him into an entity.

Barbara Eden had plastic surgery early on in her career. I think many actors do in order for promotional purposes because they are hired to promote a particular style.

Both Joe Jackson and Ryan O’Neal fucked up all their kids for the industry, which I think was part of their kids’ grooming to work the industry and make money. That is why MJ became rich and famous. He succeeded in being their puppet because of his likeability. He had a large following, similar to Whitney Houston.

Walk-ins => when spirits walk into someone’s body to make them say something that will warn you to stay away from this person. Government who uses astral level use it as walk-ins to enter the body of drug addicts whose portals are open so that they can live in these people’s bodies and do stuff on earth. I think that is similar to what demons and demonic entities do in order to come back on earth to create more havoc and chaos through some screwed person on earth.

Spiritual War between God followers and Satan followers.

Enjoy your life, regardless of retrograde issues and political bullshit because they are all created to slow you down,   keep you in fear, and become submissive slaves.


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