How to Dress To Impress For That Special Occasion

There is nothing more exciting than getting invited to that all important event where we get the rare opportunity to get dressed to impress. From the clothes to wear, the hairstyle, makeup and shoes to the jewellery and accessories there really is so much to plan.


Whether it is a wedding, a day at the races or even a red carpet event, many elements need to be taken into consideration to make an entrance to remember on the day.  Starting with your outfit, this should be determined by the location of the event. If it is outdoors, depending on the time of year, you may want to consider warmth as well as style. This does not just mean the clothing itself but the color scheme you opt for and aligning comfort with wow factor.

Some events have a theme, and this could have an impact as to the type of outfit you choose. If the occasion gives cause for a lot of activity you may want to consider practicality whilst still achieving your own unique style.


Once you have decided upon your outfit, the next natural step is to accessories. Choosing something that works with your outfit, that is comfortable to wear and unique is your goal.

High quality, hand made jewellery like Tamara Comolli Jewelry is an excellent choice. Not only is this type of jewellery unique, but according to Tamara it is ideal for everyday wear not just for special occasions, depending on the outfit you pair it with.

Jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give to show someone that you love them, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching what a great opportunity to state your case, ladies, and to enhance your special occasion outfit at the same time.

Hair and Makeup

No special occasion look would be complete without flawless hair and makeup and this will be determined by the overall look you wish to achieve. If, for example, you are attending a red carpet event with an off the shoulder dress you may opt to have your hair up to further draw attention to your stunning jewellery.

If your hair is normally short and straight you might opt for extensions or a wig with curls to give a completely different look, if it’s good enough for the top celebrities it’s good enough for you! Your make-up and the colors you use will be partly influenced by your outfit but also by your personal skin tone and features. If you are not confident in either of these areas a professional hairdresser and beautician can give you great advice and help you create that flawless look.

Shoes, Bags and Accessories

No special occasion look would be complete without the perfect shoes, bag and accessories. Again, these will be determined by your outfit, but you should also consider practicality. If you are not comfortable on the event in question because your feet are killing you from your stylish but totally impractical shoes; or you are stressed because you can’t take pictures or call for a cab as your designer bag is too small to fit your phone, then it is going to really affect your enjoyment of the event and your confidence in your special occasion look.

A Final Word

Finally, a last piece of advice, take a bolero, shawl or jacket for travelling to and from the event. You may think that there is no need as it doesn’t compliment your overall look and the event will be inside anyway. However, you will be glad you did if part of your special event includes a surprise twenty-minute outdoor firework display or presentation!

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