How to Create the “Pop” Eye Effect with an Eye Highlighter

It’s nothing out of the ordinary for most women that one of the trickiest, yet hyped tutorials over the internet is about eye highlighters. Eyes grab attention first, and you definitely want them to look bright and bigger, rather than pale and dull. Every woman wants the perfect look that will cast a spell on others and have people admiring their eyes, yes; it all begins with the eyes!

Nowadays, the new trend is to create a “pop” effect for the eyes. This gives the eyes a bigger and attractive touch. To create this look, what you need is an eye highlighter. An eye highlighter is a magical cosmetic product that actually assists in banishing that dull look from your eyes. Its job is to blend underneath the eyes, or eyelid to create a soft-focus effect.

Although the use of an eye highlighter brings several ways, just one or two strategies will make a noticeable impact and have people admiring your eyes. As you read through below, this post should guide you on the steps to creating the admirable “pop” effect using an eye highlighter.

The Steps to Using an Eye Highlighter for Bigger Eyes

The first thing you have to consider when you shop for this cosmetic product is to ensure you choose the right texture or finish that suits your preference. For example, if you choose to shop for eye makeup online at My Glamm, you will come across crème, powder, or liquid eye highlighters. MyGlamm is the top cosmetic store online in India, and if you are searching for the best cosmetic products that are original and reliable, this is the perfect stop for you!

Note that using an eye highlighter, even if you are a natural beauty will lift and brighten your eye, creating the perfect effect. The steps you should follow include:

  • The first step is to choose the right color of highlighter that will suit your skin tone. For a natural look, you can choose a highlighter that will complement your skin undertone. However, for the pop-like effect, you should go for silver and cool undertones.
  • Use some shimmery eyeshadow and apply it to your brow bones, or use a light, smooth highlighter for the eye. This will help to highlight the shape of your brow arch and enhances the appearance of the eye.
  • Now, for the “pop” eye effect, use the highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes (lower lid), which will give it a bigger and open look. This is effective for close-set eyes since it makes them appear wider. Apply highlighter along the line to give it a lifted effect, and blend it to your eyes outer corner.
  • Using a pencil with a pearly sheen, give your inner lower eyelids a subtle gleam. This pencil could also be similar to your eye highlighter, which should highlight areas that are not easy to reach.

To complete the look, don’t forget to apply the best kajal eyeliner on the upper lids and you are all set to show off your captivating eyes!


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