Here’s Why Textured Jumpsuits Are Trending This Season

A lot has been said about jumpsuits and rompers. Yes! They are amazingly comfortable and versatile. You can get silk, linen, cotton, denim, woollen, lacey and polyester jumpsuits. But fashion lovers are always on the lookout for something new. So what is next in the jumpsuit evolution? It is texture! Yes! You heard it right! The texture is the hottest trend in jumpsuit and romper market. Fashionistas are no longer impressed with the smoothness of the fabric. They want to feel the coarseness that offers a unique character to the material. Any woven fabric has a rough texture. According to fashion experts, the popularity of textured jumpsuits and rompers will continue for some time. Stripped, embossed, embroidered or any other interlacing technique will create texture.

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Needle and thread work is always in fashion

Classic needle and thread work cannot be replaced. The use of thread on any fabric imparts a unique texture to it. Over the years, several stitching patterns have been invented to enhance the beauty of the outfit. Hand embroidered jumpsuits come with a high price tag. Opt for machine embroidered garments if you want to stress affordability. Embroidery with beads and sequence use looks especially trendy.

Can’t get enough of lace!

If you are a girly girl, then lacey dresses are a must in your wardrobe. Keeping the fashion trends in mind, and to cater to the needs of fashion lovers, lacey rompers and jumpsuits have also arrived in the market. Lace adds delicateness, beauty, and texture to these outfits. Jumpers are special in their own right. The inclusion of lace makes it all the more unique.

The embossed texture on dresses

Embossing is another technique that offers a beautiful texture. Embossing is generally done on currency notes, paper and logo. Thanks to a new breed of weaving machines, you can get embossed floral patterns on rompers, dresses, gowns as well. It is mostly seen on outfits, which have digital printing on them. The edges and finer details of these paintings are raised to give an embossed effect.

Woollen weaves for the winters

Woollen garments have a unique texture of this own. Now that you can get woollen jumpsuits as well, you need not worry about falling behind in style and fashion. Jumpsuits with the coarseness of woven woollen threads will offer the texture that you want. These will also keep you warm during winters. It is best to purchase full sleeve and full-length jumpsuits for the winters. You don’t want to freeze your legs when the chilly winds blow.

Textured jumpsuits for weddings

Gone are the days when wearing something other than a dress, at weddings or receptions was against the code. If high heels and short skirts are not your styles, then wedding parties are not the place for experimentation. If you had to choose between comfort and fashion, which would you pick? Only foolish ladies will place fashion above comfort. Fashionistas know that one can never look beautiful in an outfit if he/she is not comfortable in it. Your clothes must act as your second skin. Style resides in a person’s attitude. If you have the right attitude, then even a casual jumpsuit can make you look like “a million dollars.” So, ditch your flowy gown or little hot number for a ruffled or textured jumpsuit.

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If you have plain and printed jumpsuits and rompers, it is time to bring home a textured suit. These special jumpsuits have a texture. It can be due to the woven fabrics or the use of textured materials like lace. Now that all celebs are opting for these coarse pieces, commoners are following the same trend too. Lace will offer texture as well as highlight your feminine side. In case you desire to make a bold fashion statement, opt for embellishments, beads, and sequence. If you have a subtle taste but want some texture on the suit, choose embroidery on your attire.

Jumpsuits at prom: Become a trendsetter

Summers are all about partying under the sun, mingling with others and attending several music concerts. But for a high school student, it is a matter of life and death. Still wondering why? Well! It is the prom season. It is that one night when you can dress up, stay out late and make other girls jealous with your hot date. So, it is all the more important to look extra special on prom day. This means rushing to the expensive dress store and making a mad dash to get the best designs. There is nothing worse than stepping into the dance hall and spotting some other girl in the same dress. If you want to steer clear of this situation then opt for textured jumpsuits over gowns or short dresses. These are available in several colours, sizes, and designs. From subtle to “in your face,” you can achieve any look in these outfits. Embroidered and embellished jumpsuits and rompers are made for special nights like this.

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Wearing a jumpsuit does not necessarily mean that you cannot have a full –skirt look. Several designer brands have onesies, which have a lot of drama in the bottom part. When seen from a distance, one will not be able to tell whether you are wearing a skirt or not. These special occasion jumpers come in backless as well as low-back designs. One can also opt for V, U or round neck designs.

So, it is safe to say that jumpsuits are no longer quintessential outfits for sporty girls or those lazy days when you are just not in the mood to glam-up. With little creative thinking and right accessories, you can turn an ordinary textured jumper into a fashion statement.


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