Here's How You Identify a Quality Watch

We all are well aware of the fact that the millennial generation largely depends upon smartphones, smartwatches, and other IOT based devices, even when it comes to tracking time. But do you think these devices can ever replace the sanctity of a classic wristwatch to gauge time precisely? Absolutely not!

A classic timepiece is much more than an accessory that sits on your wrist; it is a luxury that only a handful can hold and sport with style. There might be a hundred men’s designer watches available online but splurging money on the one that communicates your sense of style and passion needs good research, effort, and time. Identifying a quality wrist watch isn’t that easy as you might think, it needs patience and perseverance to scout the right one and here is how you can do this.

A heavy watch is a reliable watch

This may sound cliché but a heavy and sturdy timepiece signifies high quality and excellent material that has gone into its making. Some parts of it would be made from sustainable material such as stainless steel or copper amalgamated with heavy material to provide durability. A quality watch always resists extreme weather conditions and any kind of pressure on it. We suggest checking out some samples from TIMEX India online as they offer some of the best watches to buy in India.

Quality glass is a must

You can take it literally or metaphorically but the glass is like a heartbeat of a timepiece. Make sure to double-check its quality before making a buying decision. For a long time, wrist-watch makers used crystal glass for watch-making but the modern-day craftsman prefers scratch-resistant sapphire glass that offers great durability and impeccable appearance together. This one counts as an important aspect of checking the quality of a wristwatch that you should not miss out on.

Check the case

There are two things that you must check in a wristwatch case—Resistance and malleability. After all, it all boils down to these two factors when you are checking the quality of a wrist watch case. Stainless steel comes in various metal compositions, so check what suits your requirement the best. Not to forget about the luster and strength. If you can buy one with a little addition of nickel which makes the case hypoallergenic, its perhaps the best buying choice you can ever make.

Does it communicate your style statement?

This may come across as cheesy but a wristwatch’s look and overall design must match your personal style statement. A luxury timepiece is a ‘fine-item’ that must communicate who you are as a person. Your timepiece can be sturdy and passion-driven or it can be something completely simple, just make sure whatever you are wearing adds a silver lining of your own reflection to your personality.


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Written by Anjali Dixit

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