Here are some tips for high heels from Rosso Brunello.

Everyone understands that ladies should also be able to wear comfortable shoes at work, right? That does not have to detract from your representative appearance, in fact it can even strengthen it! Walking at 7 cm. high heels does not seem easy to anyone and the modest observations have taught that it is not easy for everyone … We understand very well that there might be a dress code in your office and that wearing a skirt is more appreciated there than wearing pants. But is it really necessary to wear high-heeled shoes? We don’t think so …

The Tips are as follows:-

  1. Look for shoes that are neutral in color, office is not the most appropriate place to show you from your most flamboyant side.
  2. What you are looking for is a comfortable alternative to an elegant pump without getting into the corner of sneakers and sneakers.
  3. Be prepared to spend money on top quality shoes, cheap shoes lack the look of quality, let alone old worn shoes that you arrive at work. It is perfectly understandable that your employer can expect that your wardrobe has been put together with care.
  4. Choose shoes with a low instep, this will make your legs look longer.
  5. Wear shoes with a somewhat pointed nose, shoes with a round toe make it more difficult to style yourself elegantly.
  6. If you like Loafers, choose shoes that look slimmer because of the model, a nice slim heel of 1 cm. looks more elegant than a wedge heel but is still a low heel
  7. If you prefer to wear pants than a skirt, always show a little of your ankle, that is much more elegant.

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