Haircolor Time Again!

Wednesday, 10.14.20

Today is mercury retrograde. I didn’t really feel anything odd yet. But I decided to color my gray roots, even though the rest of my hair still has red color. I noticed on my calendar log that the last time I colored my gray was during the end of May, and it is now mid-October. It has been five months, and my hair still has the herbal hair color on most of my hair, except for the new grown out gray roots. 

At 2:30pm, I decided to use the burgundy shade for the winter season, which will go well with autumn and winter fashions. According to the back of the box, this burgundy shade haircolor will make my overall medium chestnut brown hair look like a rich burgundy shade. 

The Light Mountain herbal haircolor product I use is a combination of indigo and henna, and it is certified organic.

I plan to keep it on my head all day to make sure it sets into every strand of my hair and scalp area, before rinsing it off in the shower before bedtime. 

Getting back to mercury retrograde, I can understand this now, even though I don’t really understand astrology too much, because I think the mercury retrograde had something to do with me misplacing my MX-3 car keys, going crazy looking for it for 7 days, giving up looking for it on the 7th day, and then finding it by accident while organizing my bedroom drawers. If one gets deep in the astrology thing, and analyzes things from different perspectives, such as the moon sign location, rising sign, mercury retrograde, and other planets’ position, reasons for certain crazy acts happening start to make some sense. 


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