Gucci Celebrates 100 Years

Saturday, 10.2.21

Today, I woke up at noon. It was hot today in the 90s. Southern California summer in October. I decided to go to South Coast Plaza at 3 pm. The indoor mall was very busy, whether because of the sales or the hot and humid weather. I walked 1.2 miles in the mall alleys, from Nordstrom to Macys to Bloomingdales, and window-shopped along the way.

Just a selfie with my iPhone…

At the Gucci display area, there was a wheel to spin, and each section plays a different song used at the recent Gucci runway show. The guy there let me play with the wheel to check out each one. They all sound like upbeat rap or hiphop songs. It sounds like it was an interesting runway show. 

In the courtyard between Nordstrom and Macys, there was Gucci display, celebrating Gucci’s 100-year anniversary. I browsed through the display, taking some snapshots, which I plan to put together for a Youtube video. 

I bought one blouse and one purse on sale in Macys, although I wasn’t planning on it because I don’t really need anything. I went on Macy’s Bronze Credit program for extra discount sales, in which I have something similar in Saks 5th Off Outlet. 

I noticed 2 big dogs at the mall, and one was standing in the Louis Vuitton line. The big luxury designers had long lines by their store. 

I dropped by Bloomingdales’ Nespresso to sample Inizio espresso. It is a light-tasting espresso coffee. It is good, but I guess I prefer the dark coffee flavors. 

Next month, the Gucci Murders movie will be out in theaters, which stars Lady Gaga.


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