Got my KL Purse fixed W/IN 30 Min.

Saturday, 7.10.21

My plans changed today because I was planning to color my roots. But I ended up going to a local shoe repair shop close by to fix my KL purse. One side of the strap tore off from the side of the purse while I was walking on Friday. The man looked at it, and said he could fix it in 30 minutes. So, I browsed inside CVS, and discovered there are items I needed in that store that I might return later this month to get. I stopped at the Atm to get cash, before going to the shoe repair shop. He reduced the amount to $15. I hope it is sturdy. Now, I am afraid to use it. But he said he sewed it double, more than the factory version. 

I like this purse. It is cute, and I use it on walking meetups.

He did a good job sewing it up into place…

…that I cannot really tell which side tore off…


What do you think?

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