Fashions 2021-2022

Saturday, 6.5.21

Sometimes, all you need in fashion is certain IT colors for that season. The first video displays popular colors for spring/summer 2021.

The next two video are a sneak preview to Fall 2021 and Winter 2022. Although it is best to live in the moment and enjoy spring and summer season fully because who knows what is in store for our future, it is also interesting to check out future styles and colors, maybe to choose a future style that will fit with current style. 

#3 Bag and Shoe Trends Fall 2021 Winter 2022

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Fall 2021 Winter 2022 purses and shoes

HOBO bags


Oversized—neon huge bag,

Shopping Bag—totes

Structured bag—classic little bag

Chains—as detail on bag or as chain strap.

Box Bag

Saddle bag

Small bags—water bottle, iphone bag, waist purses, harness bag

Statement bag—anatomical heart shape, breasts shape bag, statue face bag, shoe shape bag, paper plane bag

Furry bag—


Platform shoes

Cowboy boots

Matching monochromatic clothing, shoes, and purse

Animal print


Pink shoes

Ballerina straps

Combat boots

Knee high boots

Tall boots—over the knee

Rain boots—with a quirky twist.

Snow shoes—

Patent pleather


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