Fall/Winter 2022/2023 Fashion Colors

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Although it is still summertime, and I am trying to enjoy my summer, I checked out this video for fun to see what colors the fashion industry is making in style for this Fall/Winter. Popular colors for Fall/Winter Fashions 2022/2023 involve bold colors.

Rose violet bright pink, amazon green, waterspout light blue, caramel café, midnight periwinkle blue, martini khaki olive, orange, dark red, yellow, and very peri lavender. It looks like bold and bright colors as well as soft, muted colors.

Classic neutral colors include polar night black, artic wolf peach, autumn blonde apricot, loden frost soft green, and chiseled stone gray. Creams and very dark navy blue. Some of the neutral colors are pretty and soft, such as apricot, peach, soft green, and gray.

Bold bright pink as well as lots of greens from olive to bold to dark green. Amazon green is a deep Kelly green.

Oranges, reds, and browns blending together for brownish red and brownish orange colors. Caramel café and burnt brown colors. These colors are the typical autumn colors I always wear during autumn season because they look so warm and rustic, similar to the different colors of the autumn leaves. 

Yellows colors include yellow-orange, mustard yellow, neon yellow, lemon yellow, butterscotch yellow. Yellows are also warm-toned colors. I think lemon yellow and pale icy yellow can be worn with cool-toned skin. 

Very Peri—lavender, bluish light purple, periwinkle, lilac, and navy blue. Blush pink. Waterspout light blue looks like light denim. (I recently returned my cute lilac Jeffrey Campbell plastic shoes because one tore on one side. Nordstrom didn’t have anymore available for a switch; so, I got a refund. I only enjoyed them during springtime. I bought them on sale for spring and summer season, and I could have also worn them for fall and winter).

Caramel Café is a dark camel color. Ivory shades of autumn blonde apricot and artic wolf peach shades. Creams are now more popular than white. Chiseled Stone-gray shade is a soft gray. I love wearing such brownish shades for autumn because they are so warm, comfy, and cozy, as the season changes and the weather cools down again.

Rich brown shades, peach shades, and yellowish beige.

Very dark navy and midnight blues instead of black. These colors look like typical winter fashions colors because I always wear them during wintertime, as well as burgundy, wine, and pine green. 


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