Colors of Fall/Winter Fashion 2021/2022

The fashion colors for Fall/Winter 2021/2022

Fall colors are warm-toned with yellow undertone, like the warm tones in nature. There is lots or orange and yellow embedded in fall colors, and sometimes there is only a tinge of yellow in the regular color.

Winter colors tends to be cool-toned, and sometimes dark, with a blue undertone.

bright yellow, gray, soybean beige shade, root beer reddish-brown shade, coconut cream off-white shade, adobe earthy yellowish-brown shade, fire whirl orange-red shade, fuchsia fedora bright purplish-pink, pale rosette pale pink shade, leprechaun green shades, olive branch green shades, Mykonos blue shades from teal to bright royal blue, Ibiza blue turquoise shades, tomato cream orangish yellow shade, winery burgundy shade, light violet lavender shade….

In this video, I noticed lots of bright vibrant colors, as well as gray, wine burgundy, coconut cream off-white shade, pale pink, bright blue shades, light violet, olive green, bright green, bright red, bright pink, reddish-brown, beige bright yellow, and orangish-yellow shade. Some are bright and bold, while others are soft and pale. 


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