Coco Chanel's Infamous Past

Thursday, October 10, 2019, which is 10.10.19

I was aware of Coco Chanel working for Nazi Germany for a while now, since I read somewhere that she was a Nazi spy when Nazi Germany occupied Paris France during World War 2. That is why her name is so big in the fashion industry. Let’s not forget that the fashion industry is controlled by the Illuminati and Zionists. Not many people make it into the industry, unless they have some kind of connections, whether Zionists, Nazis, or other industry ties.

Coco Chanel was Agent F-7124, with CODENAME Westminster, where she was a Nazi spy collecting information for the Nazis.

This video explains how Coco Chanel really became such a famous fashion designer and business mogul. She was born on August 19, 1883. Her mother was an unwed mother. Gabrielle had one older sister, Julia, in which they were close in age. After their mother died, Gabrielle and Julia were sent to an orphanage covenant, being raised by nuns. Her father never came for her and her sister, which I feel gave her abandonment issues. (I have also watched a movie about Coco Chanel).

It appears she was a call girl because she was with many wealthy men, sleeping with them for favors and connections.

She created her own style by being different and unique, and many women started copying her style.

I remember this “Boy” in the movie, and it was the man that Coco really loved and wanted to be with, but he ended up dying in some car accident, although he was married to someone else, and he was having an affair with Coco. She was never the same after his death.

She had another CODEBNAME “Model Hat.”

She has an affair with Salvador Dali.

She died on January 10, 1971, at 87. Before she died, she chose Karl Lagerfeld to take over the Chanel House.


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