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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Today, I decided to go to South Coast Plaza because I wanted to browse through sneakers at Nordstrom Rack. All my sneakers are falling apart, in which I don’t understand because the only time I wear sneakers is when I walk on the treadmill at the gym or go on walking meetups. I browsed the Spectrum Center stores on Friday morning to get an idea for their availability and options, and I liked a few at some stores.

Nordstrom Rack was recently remodeled, and the layout looks more like TJ MAXX. I have always liked browsing through Nordstrom Rack for fun, and I have bought many shoes there in the past. I tried on my different brands today, such as Brooks, Nike, Saucony, AISCS, and New Balance, trying to decide which pair is the best for my needs. I compared each pair I tried in order to narrow it down to two pairs. They were all OK, and there were a lot of pretty colors. But I noticed that the AISCS had a lot of cushion. So, I narrowed it down between two AISCS sneakers. They both had cushion, but one pair had more cushion than the other pair: the one that had more cushion also was tighter and snug on my feet, even though both pairs were a size 7 and both were even the same price. I eventually decided to buy the more cushion and snug fit AISCS pair.

On my way back towards my car, I stopped at a Necter juice bar to buy a snack–Watermelon Cooler drink and Chia Parfait cup. They were good and very filling, more filling than I expected. I made a good lunch. I walked around in the mall, window shopping and people watching, as finished off my watermelon drink. I noticed at one courtyard area that they were promoting Nixon Library’s First Lady outfit displays. They had pictures and headless mannequins of fancy clothes worn by Patricia Ryan Nixon, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy. I was reading information about these women, and Abe Lincoln’s wife seemed intelligent. She also had a hard life. Her mother died when she was 6, two sons died from different illnesses, and she watched her husband be assassinated, which put her in a deep depression until she eventually died. Sad Life. And, I am aware what happened to the Kennedy men, being murdered one by one because they were against the Illuminati. The Nixon Library is local in Orange County, California, although I have never been there before.

As I check out the three dresses on the mannequins, I noticed the style of the decade it was from. Mary Todd Lincoln’s dress was dark red velvet with a bodice top that has a lacy off-the-shoulder style and lacy billowy short sleeves. It is kind of cute and sexy for a vintage dress.

Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy’s outfit was a long calf-length pencil skirt, sheer blouse, and long cape in monochromatic sandy beige color. Her style is probably closer to my style. I have always liked her clothes.

Patricia Ryan Nixon’s dress is a long, calf-length red dress, and it is very conservative. Her style looks similar to Nancy Reagan’s style, including the puffy hairstyle women had during the 70s and 80s.

It is interesting to study fashion styles from different eras, and especially on different famous people.

As I walked through the mall, I browsed through Crabtree & Evelyn store to check out their latest items. I got a free sample tube of Rosewater scented ultra-moisturizing hand therapy cream and a gummy candy, which was good. Their items are interesting.

I also noticed that Brookstone store is closing down, and everything is on sale. I have always liked the massage chairs, and once I considered buying one, but I do not have room for one in my small townhouse. This store was always fun to browse in and check out their unique products. It is sad that they are closing. Many stores are going downhill, one by one, which is sad.

I came home at 2:30 pm, and I felt tired. So, I took a nap until 5 pm. Today was long and interesting. I decided to add snapshot from a local park.


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