Birthday Excursion

Monday, 8.19.19

It was a quiet day. I woke up early to feed Gumby. I ate breakfast, but I went back to bed. Then, I had a weird dream. I dreamt I heard my garage door go up, and some men were taking my cars apart. I kept asking them what they are doing, and they said they were hired to take apart my cars. They also seemed to have my garage door opener. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Then, I jumped into a second dream, where I was on a trip with some group of people. It appeared to be a mountain area, and I had my own room inside an old building. On the last day, the group knocked on my door, telling me they are leaving home now. I told them I just woke up, and I need to pack. They didn’t seem interested in waiting for me to pack. I asked them how I am going to go home. They all just kept on walking to their cars, and I was stranded inside an old building by myself. 

By 3 pm, I decided to get ready and drive to the Spectrum Center. I noticed it is breezy today. By 4 pm, I arrived at the Irvine mall, and the weather was nice. But it was very quiet at the mall. There wasn’t any activities as usual during August. There were some young people shopping for back-to-school. I noticed new stores. The IMAX theatre was undergoing renovation and remodeling. This is the third theatre in Irvine going through a renovation and remodeling for a modern look. 

I ate a big lunch at home, and I wasn’t hungry to eat anything at Veggie Grill. I thought I might eat dinner there. I wanted to try out their new dishes on their new menu. So, I decided to go to Pressed Juicery to buy a plant-based dessert. I think it is vegan and vegetarian, and I bought a small-size S’mores Sundae. It was good. Maybe I will eat something at Veggie Grill in September. These clothes look like what I still wear on my walking/hiking meetups.

I came home at 6 pm, watched two Mad About You reruns on indie channel, which was relaxing. Then, I walked in my neighborhood and UTC, totaling 3.5 miles, 9643 steps and 1 floor, according to my iPhone tracking.

I added some snapshots from the mall, which looks like fall fashions for young people because it is mostly casual-wear. These clothes look like clothes that I still wear when I go out…

I think this last snapshot is interesting because the mannequins are disappearing into the palm trees in the background to give the scene a surreal view of Cali Living…


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