Be a Manga character or Just Look like One for Fall 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I recently got a discarded August 2019 issue of Allure Magazine from a neighbor. So, I decided to browse through it. I noticed this issue is filled with Asian merchandise from Japan, Korea, and China, and Naomi Osaka is on the cover.

The first ad I notice is by Cover Girl, and I notice it has suddenly gone Cruelty-Free. Cool!

Scarves are the newest trend for hair accessory. For long hair, it is now being braided or weaved with hair. My mother used to do the same thing to my hair, but with hair ribbons.

Metallic, sparkly and glitter makeup and nail polish are popular. Nude, gold, sandy, copper, beige, browns, and tan shades are the most popular. But there is also red glossy lipstick with lots of sparkling glitter as well as silver eyeliner. I think it looks very 80s.

Carly Rae Jepsen, an indie pop singer, models the new Manga look, which involves a jagged, edgy platinum blonde bob with bangs, as well as creating big eyes by lining the top eyelid with a cat-eye line and painting lips with bubblegum pink lipstick. Bright pink and neon colors are popular. Instead of the harsh black eyeliner, consider dark brown eyeliner. Wear a funky mullet-like wig in an edgy and jagged hairstyle. This Manga style kind of looks like the modern 80s Madonna funky street look.

Consider self-tanning with a safe tan by incorporating water mousse bronzer in your makeup routine. (I prefer to use powder bronzers as well as sometimes cream bronzers).

Liquid lipstick is scented and matte. It is like a lip gloss stick but with all-day color. (That sounds good).

Next time you decide what makeup and nail polish to use, consider mood colors. Red gives off energy, orange gives off socializing, green gives off balance, and blue gives off calmness and serenity.

Orthorexia Nervosa involves having dietary restrictions and obsessions on healthy foods. Such people will take their own food with them everywhere. A diet should be personal, customized to the specific individual’s body type. What is good for one person might not be good for someone else.

Jazzerise is making a comeback.

Smoky eye is now in bright yellow, orange, magenta or green. But the trick here involves keeping your eye makeup monochromatic. After lining your eye with eye pencil, diffuse it with an eyeshadow color in the same shade to give it a soft look. Diffuse it upwards through the crease. 

Or, consider painting magenta eye shadow from lash line to brow with your finger. Then, smudge some orange eyeshadow on outer third of the lids. 

Or, you can line your upper lash line with pencil, then smudge it with a brush or your finger for a softer look. Consider soft lilac, edgy red, and azuki red. Then, brush lashes with mascara. 

Consider peacock colors of turquoise, teal, bright green, and gold curry yellow shade. 

Consider brown shadow or bronzer along the lids, from outer corners to inner corner as well as along the lower lash lines. Round the shadow at outer corners to create Manga eyes. Add some glitter to smoky eyes. 

Wet N Wild makeup has nice colors. Consider the liquid catsuit metallic eyeshadow in Ruby Heist, painted over red smoky eyes. Consider a silver eyeline on the top lids, with metallic lipstick. Add some glittering shimmer on your legs. Gold shadow is also popular.


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