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I decided to check out this video because it looked interesting. I decided to see how much of similar items I own. But I guess she is working with Nordstrom to promote these items.

  • Ankle Boots (Oh, I like Jeffrey Campbell shoes. My black oxfords are Jeffrey Campbell). But I have 4 short boots: black high-heel booties, maroon high-heel booties, flat maroon ankle boots, and emerald green St. John booties.
  • Baggy or Loose high-waisted jeans. I did notice a lot of high-waisted jeans in the mall recently. Nowadays, I mostly wear colored denim: cropped and unhemmed red jeans, neon pink skinny jeans, burnt orange-brown jeans, and terra cotta jeans. I do have black sailor-style denim pants with matching jacket. But I still prefer to wear low-waisted jeans.
  • Blazer—I mostly have 6 blazers: corduroy camel, heather gray, edgy black with zippers, cropped trench style plaid blazer, trendy houndstooth blazer, and an emerald green blazer.
  • Statement belt—I realized that I have 7 statement belts, and they are all from the 80s or 90s, when I was very thin. Red GUESS belt with G buckle, camouflage olive belt with light green gemmed buckle, oval union jack gemmed buckle on a Steve Madden blue belt with clear gem and silver studs, white belt with fake ROLEX round watch-face buckle, black and gold chain belt, which I think was a gift from Italy, wide navy felt belt with yellow gold buckle, and a wide black loose belt with silver studs.
  • Bold coat—I mostly have 2: one is a vintage camouflage olive raincoat, and the other one is a light black one that I wear as a cover-up, but I lost the belt somewhere outside. I usually drape a cape over my shoulders.
  • Statement earrings in bold and big. I have many from the 80s and 90s, when I was younger.
  • Bold lipstick…I do wear a lot of bold colors, like reds, pinks, berries, and sometimes plums.
  • Designer Purse or just a stylish purse. (I do have a lot of fake designer purses, and maybe a couple of real designer purses I got as a gift). I mostly use LV, KL, RC, and small black St. John. Royal blue Limited small purse. I do have a Dooney&Bourke small wallet-like purse.
  • Nude heels—I have 2 short-heel nude shoes, one DKNY and other was from May Company closing sale in Santa Monica. I also have a flat beige knee-high boots, which is close to a nude.
  • Paperbag pants—I have many pants, shorts and skirts like this, since the 80s. I love these for casual-wear.

I was so fashionable when I was in my 20s. I still like my stuff.


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