Animation Design Haute couture bright Meriem and GN-n

We have tried to blend the traditional Algerian fashions with modernity to create something innovative.

And we made it glamorous in an attempt to spread the spirit of the times.

On the right by Meriem Bouras.

On the left by Gakat Noor-nib.


What do you think?


Written by n05oor

- ومن يتحمل جنون صدقي
- ومرراة واقعي الاسود
- اتشرف ان نكون
~ اصدقاء ~

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  1. it looks sparkly. the one on the right, looks like for a young girl, while the one on the left looks like for a sophisticated woman.

    i just watched a video about algeria, in which it stated not to travel to algeria.

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