Advantages And Disadvantages of Doing Online Shopping for Men And Women

While the popularity of online shopping is increasing gradually, some may still prefer shopping from stores. Whether a person shops online or not, it remains a question of comfort and personal convenience. Given below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping for men and women.


  • Nothing can beat the online convenience shopping offers to its users. Whether you are at home or in the middle of the night, you can shop online from anywhere and at any time.
  • Online shopping saves time and money. You need not go personally to the stores to buy items, wasting time and spending money on travel to reach these stores.
  • Online shopping offers a wide range of selection, whether you are online shopping for women accessories or men apparels. It’s all there right in front of your eyes on a click.
  • Online portals provide various offers frequently and specials discounts to its valuable customers. Online portals are capable of giving such discounts and offers as they have to invest less in the maintenance of the stores (since it is online).
  • You may not like the models provided by a particular store or may have a unique fashion sense. Online shopping provides the comparison of products not only of a specific portal but several portals.
  • You can get detailed product descriptions if you shop online. The product description includes every detail ranging from the material used, its dimensions to various product pictures.
  • Many a time, sales representatives pressurize customers to buy products or a particular item against the customer’s wish. Online shopping eliminates these issues.
  • You can track your order and its status at any time to know where your package has reached without any additional charges.
  • May portals offer returns or exchange option if the item is faulty, does not fit you or does not match the product description.


  • The biggest fear in online shopping is fraud related to the payment. Moreover, some portals misuse the details you provide about your credit/debit card and have a lot of privacy issues.
  • Sometimes, the product you receive is not the same may not match the pictures shown in the product description. Misleading images and false appearances are common among the unpopular portals.
  • You do not get the touch-and-feel experience in online shopping nor can you examine the product carefully. This generates quality concerns amid several customers. Moreover, you don’t get to try out outfits before making your purchase (you can return if it does not fit though).
  • Deliveries may delay and many a time, offer inconvenience if you are procrastinating all your work specifically due to the delivery time (you can change tour address to your office address or get it delivered at a time which is most convenient for you).
  • You do not get personal attention from the sales representative (who can help you choose) nor can you negotiate the price due to the lack of interactivity (the customer care service and discounts cover up for it though).
  • Lastly, you do not get the traditional shopping experience with online shopping.


The advantages subdue the cons of personal shopping, especially if you choose the portal well and validate its trustworthiness. Therefore, make sure that you pick a reputable portal offering online shopping for women in UAE and men alike.


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Written by Anissa Naaji

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