A Day of Fashion 5.7.22

Saturday, 5.7.22

Around 4 pm, I decided to the Showcase Gallery art reception. When I arrived there, I noticed the Opening Reception was postponed for next Saturday, on 14th. So, I decided to go across the street and walk in South Coast Plaza. The mall was very busy, and there were long lines next to the luxury designer brand boutiques. The 16 mannequins wearing flower/nature gowns were no longer there, under the Jewel Court Dome. Instead, there was a Valentino installation display of purses, shoes, and jewelry. I did a video. I stood in line for the Tiffany’s store to check out their eyeglasses. I entered and noticed they only had sunglasses. 

I got my picture taken in front of a Kate Spade NYC selfie wall, dressed in olive Karl Lagerfeld clothes, pink Karl Lagerfeld purse, and leopard print Karl Lagerfeld ankle boots, as I modeled my henna-colored pixie haircut. Priceless!

Photo in front of Kate Spade NYC selfie wall

I blogged on my iPad for a while, called a friend of the family and chatted on my iPhone, and decided to go home at 6:00pm. 

I walked 1.5 miles, 3,823 steps and 1 floor at the indoor mall. I was wearing stacked high heels ankle boots because I wasn’t aware I was going to go to the mall. 


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