9 Brilliant Dressing Hacks for Every Occasion

Fashion is an ever-evolving thing. And with the contemporary fast media channels and internet, setting new trends have become more frequent. Fashion designers across the globe work on coming up with new dressing trends every summer and every fall. While trends of clothing of Khaadi UAE are always changing, some trends remain evergreen. And some trends keep coming again from the fashion timeline . Some people tend to spend a lot on clothing while others are smart shoppers. Even if you have many finances, it’s advisable to be smart with your shopping. Invest wisely and have a wardrobe that has something for every occasion. Read on for some useful tips on having a comprehensive wardrobe with all the new sartorial trends.

9 Useful Shopping and Dressing Hacks 

Are you planning to restock your wardrobe with some amazing outfits for all different occasions? Here are some useful hacks to help you shop smarter and dress stylishly for every occasion.

  1. Don’t Buy What Doesn’t Fit
  2. Don’t Buy an Outfit for a Single Occasion
  3. Don’t Buy Something That Doesn’t Suit
  4. Don’t Buy Anything for the Sake of a Bargain
  5. Don’t Be Extravagant on Your Shopping Sprees
  6. Discover New Brands
  7. Don’t be Hesitant to Re-Buy the New Versions of Your Favorite Clothing
  8. Don’t Underestimate the Convenience of a Capsule Wardrobe
  9. Accessorize Cleverly

Let’s elaborate.

Don’t Buy What Doesn’t Fit

Yes! We can relate to that fact that you love a certain piece and you just can’t let go of it. Even if it doesn’t fit. You can’t horde your wardrobe with clothing with a malfunctioned size. there’s no point. You may have been having a strict workout regimen these days. But still, don’t buy something that doesn’t fit in hopes of fitting it one day. Buying smaller clothes are not an incentive to get rid of excess weight. Or, having a massive sale doesn’t mean you buy a wrong size. Trust us you will regret it later. Because, while you think you are shopping, you are actually reducing the size of your wardrobe. You are getting stuff that you can’t wear physically. So, let’s be real and honest and go for the right size.

Don’t Buy an Outfit for a Single Occasion

Another thing that we all are probably guilty of. A long-awaited reunion, Christmas, a wedding, some occasion that makes us too excited to grab an outfit for only this particular occasion. Yes, it is inevitably special but when you choose the dress, make sure it is of use after this occasion as well. Don’t get something too fancy or impractical that becomes impossible to be worn elsewhere. Usually people buy because of wedding occasions. Specially for pictures being taken by the wedding photographers for posting on social media. Also, it is not wise to spend a lot on a single dress for a single outing. Instead of making last-minute purchases, it is smart to have a wardrobe with some dressier pieces. Work on making your wardrobe more versatile. You may have more inclination towards the dresses of one single type but your wardrobe should cater for every type of occasion. Make divisions. Get some trend-led, fancy pieces. And go for many classic and simple pieces because you will get to wear them often.

Don’t Buy Something That Doesn’t Suit 

If you are someone who is interested in fashion, you surely know by now the dress types, which suit you. And which don’t. Some people have a perfect body and frame from long dresses, flared dresses, jumpsuits and so on. While for others, peplums and shorter dresses go more with their looks. When you are sure that a particular dress type doesn’t suit you at all, don’t buy it. Even if it’s a whim and a trending style. There is no point getting something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, confident, and look your best!

Don’t Buy Anything for the Sake of a Bargain

Flashy discounts, massive sales, and huge markdowns can really play with your mind. It’s like an irresistible invitation. Especially when it’s about investing it in designer pieces. But you have to fight it. Yes, discounts are a great thing. But only take advantage of them if you really need something to add to your clothing arsenal. Don’t buy something unnecessary even if it’s a great deal.

Don’t Be Extravagant on Your Shopping Sprees

There are times when we feel like hating everything in our wardrobes. We begin thinking that everything in the wardrobe is old-fashioned and boring. We go into that phase where we feel that we have got nothing stylish to wear. These disturbing feelings shouldn’t end up in a massively extravagant, endless shopping spree. Remember it’s just a phase. You don’t want to regret spending too much on an impulse. Instead, you need to keep a keen eye on your favorite pieces around the year. And buy them when they are on a discount and you are short of that particular kind of outfits. With this practice, you will end up having a much more stylish and fit-for-every-occasion wardrobe.

Discover New Brands

You may love certain brands, their fabric, and cuts. You develop a comfort level and an attachment to certain shops. But it’s a good practice to explore new brands. You may end up discovering something amazing and then you becoming a loyal follower of those clothing stores. You can get to have a handful of your favorite stores from high-end designers to comparatively affordable brands. You can end up having incredibly stylish finds.

Don’t be Hesitant to Re-Buy the New Versions of Your Favorite Clothing

Don’t let yourself have this misconception that being stylish means never buying the same cut or dress type that you already own. Yes, it’s not at all cool to have like 10 black pair of jeans. Or to stock 7 maxis of jet black, dull black, charcoal black, and similar hues. You need to have a variety for every kind of occasion. But that also doesn’t mean that you can’t buy the same style that you already have. Especially when you know that a particular style suits you a lot. Know that all the stylish women across the world have their own statement looks and outfits. Once they figure out which clothing types suit them, they stick to them to look their best.

Don’t Underestimate the Convenience of a Capsule Wardrobe

If you want to be a smart shopper and are not into spending a lot on your wardrobe, take advantage of a capsule wardrobe. And honestly, being stylish doesn’t imply having a three-door wardrobe hoarded with tons of crazy expensive designer dresses. It’s the way you carry yourself, make yourself glamorous, add catchy accessories, and so on. Therefore, you can have a capsule wardrobe with some sensible purchases. Just make a couple of rules like buying what you need. And buying what makes you look fabulous. You can achieve it in as few as 15 must-have pieces.

Accessorize Cleverly

Every occasion calls for a different look. And interestingly, you don’t need to essentially purchase a new outfit for every occasion. Accessories can make any dress look completely new and different according to any occasion at hand. They are really a game-changer. For instance, an intricately crafted, beautiful necklace can make your old black dress look stunning. Isn’t that a clever way to renew your dresses?

Enjoy dressing up for every occasion with these clever hacks!


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