80s Trends Make a Comeback into 2018

Monday, 2.5.18

While watching some YouTube videos on very early Monday morning, just before bedtime, I found some interesting fashion videos. Many of these videos state that 80s and 90s trends are returning in 2018. So, dig out your old stuff and have fun. Even if it looks old, you can decorate it with cute pins and patches as well as gems and studs to modernize it for 2018.

  1. Fanny packs make a comeback return from the 80s into 2018. This is interesting because for the past couple of months, I have been using my old fanny packs for hiking and walking meetups. And, I have seen other people using them during walking meetups. So, they are still practical.
  2. Polka dots are in, but I think it looks better during springtime. I have many black and white polka dot clothes. I will put my polka dot ruffled dressed out for springtime.
  3. Lavender as well as other pastel colors will be popular during spring and summer 2018. I have always worn pastel clothes and accessories during springtime and summertime. So, this trend isn’t new for me…
  4. Dark denim will also be popular this spring and summer. I think denim is always in, regardless of color, during any season.
  5. Bright rainbow colors will also be popular. I loomed a bright rainbow colored beanie, in which will look good for windy spring weather. My Australian/New Zealand knit hat might be too hot for summertime.


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