80s Fashion Trends in St. Elmo's Fire

Sunday, May 9, 2021

As I watch the 80s movie St. Elmo’s Fire, I notice some fashion trends that I used to wear when I was younger. I reminisce to my 20s, when I was young and hopeful about my future ahead.

Male #1: The Entrepreneur wears a pinstriped suit, denim shirt, yellow tie with black polka dots, penny loafers, and trench coast. Suspenders under his suit. He gets work done around the house, wearing shorts and pinstriped shirt. His casual outfit includes a long coat, white tee, sweater, and pants.

Female #2: The Girl Next Door wears pink cardigan, floral dress with lacy collar, and ballet flats. She wears a gray tweed skirt suit while shopping with her friends. She is into feminine details. She wears a frilly floral dress with ruffle collar and feminine short cardigan. Long midi dress over shirt, a cardigan, and a headband on her bob with bangs haircut. She often dresses in a layered look—turtleneck, shirt, and overall dress. Her favorite TV show appears to be Little House in the Prairie because she wears a pink floral blouse with a lace collar, under a midi pink prairie tank dress, and probably ankle boots.

Female #3: The Party Animal wears a bodice short dress, teardrop earrings with a heart bow and matching necklace, large berets with diamond studs, and faux fur. She crashes her friends’ apartment, wearing an oversized red V-neck, baggy pants, panama hat, dangling earrings and her class ring. While she goes shopping with her girlfriends, she wears a long and wide red scarf, pleather jacket, pants, and a faux fur accent. While at a fancy party, she wears black long gloves, fancy necklace, statement bracelet with big gems, dangling earrings, and short dress. She also wears a Madonna street grunge outfit—corset as a blouse, long pearl necklace, big taffeta mesh short skirt, lace hosiery, large jacket, teardrop earrings with a bow, and ankle boots. She appears to love the color pink for clothes and home décor. She wears a pink pleather short jacket over black lace blouse, fancy flared skirt, belt, gemmed bangles and designer purse. She also wears a black blouse and black legging pants with a statement belt loosely hanging over the hips, a long red cardigan, and usually worn with slouchy socks and ankle boots.

Female #4: The Artist wears a long sleeve shirt that ties with a bow at the neck, long cardigan, midi skirt, pearl necklace, and white lace accent. At home, she lounges in an oversized men’s pajamas and pink bandana headband. She wears a white shirt, paisley scarf fixed with a decorative pin, and midi skirt. At home, she wears a floral cotton blouse with buttons halfway down and drawstring pants. She often dresses like a schoolteacher—shirt with bowtie, pearl necklace, trench coat, and a lace trim on her clothing for a feminine accent. She also wears a white tuxedo shirt, decorative pin, pearl necklace, coat, and a lace accent.

Male #5: The Writer wear laidback and loose clothing, which includes tweed jacket, t-shirt, and polo shirt with camouflage pants. He wears baggy pants, open shirt with large pockets and tee. He wears a tie with a tee shirt, blazer and pants. When he dresses up, he wears an olive shirt, tie, pants, and oxfords.

Male #6: The Musician wears his navy college blazer with emblem, over a tee shirt, open shirt and khaki pants. He often looks intoxicated, maybe even self-medicating himself, because of his attire—narrow tie loosely worn sloppily over a tee, open shirt, and blazer, as well as one earring.

Female #7: The Medical Doctor wears elegant clothes. Pale neutral long sleeve blouse which ties into a loose bow at the neck, long cardigan, and long skirt. For her casualwear, she wears a long white fisherman sweater over a white tee and faded 501s as well as boots.

Female #8: The Prostitute wears pleather red jacket with pleather black mini, fingerless gloves, dangling earrings, and black pumps.

Male #9: The Law Student wears a white shirt, denim pants and red suspenders while working as a waiter. Otherwise, he is usually dressed in a tweed suit, trying to impress the medical doctor that he has a crush on. He also wears his varsity jacket with denim pants, and polo shirt.

Other 80s trends include varsity jacket, fedora, knit beanie, different eyeglasses frames, pleather backpack, messenger bags, pink theme, denim shirts, scarves, and parka.

Which St Elmo’s Fire character did you most dress like during the 80s? I think I have worn all their outfits. 


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