5 Must-Haves For Working At Home

Thursday, 2.4.21

I recently watched a video, where a woman lists 5 must-have clothing items for working at home, which is getting popular nowadays during these New World Order times. I decided to list my top 5 must-haves for Blogger job. 

1. Nice, comfy pajamas

2. Nice robe

3. Comfy slippers 

4. Hair accessories, such as headband and barrettes.

5. Comfy and cute hat.

If you are in a video as a Vlogger or take selfies for Instagram, then the 5 must-haves slightly changes…

  1. a nice blouse and comfortable leggings.
  2. makeup
  3. hair fixed neatly
  4. accessories such as hair accessories and jewelry, or even a cute hat. 
  5. decorative props, such as pet, drink, work related items, and items related to vlog or selfie topic. 


What do you think?

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