20 Fall 202l Fashion Trends

Thursday, 8.19.21

While browsing inside the mall today, I noticed Fall 2021 Fashions. There were also some back-to-school fashion ideas.

  1. Lots of brown shades clothes
  2. sweaters
  3. long dresses–midi and below the knee
  4. combat boots and other boots
  5. denim
  6. the preppie collegiate look
  7. short knit dresses
  8. wide-legged pants
  9. flared short and midi skirts
  10. cropped wide-legged pants with drawstring waist
  11. slip dresses
  12. white sneakers
  13. khaki and olive green clothes
  14. long denim shorts
  15. slouchy socks with sandals and midi dress for casual, comfy, and collegiate look
  16. vests
  17. monochromatic outfit with matching purse
  18. tweed jackets
  19. lilac or violet accent
  20. orange or peach accent


What do you think?

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