10 Top Fashion Trends for Autumn 2019 to Winter 2020

Sunday, September 8, 2019

I decided to check out Justine’s summary of the fashion trends for autumn 2019 through Winter 2020.

  1. Monochromatic outfits of any color, except black or white. But make sure the outfit is fluid, loose, and flowy. (Cool, I have always liked dressing monochromatic. I think it looks clean, lean, and sophisticated, regardless of which color).
  2. Power suits has to do with men-style suits with a statement belt. Such suits include tailored and minimum style suits as well as print suits. Consider monochromatic solid and monochromatic print suit outfits, with similar accessories.
  3. Long flowy coats include mid-calf length and even long cape coats. (my capes are short).
  4. Fleece clothes are popular. (I have few, but mine are casual).
  5. Dark floral prints are moody and dramatic for a goth look.
  6. End of the World outfits include creepy streetwear outfits. It is all about dressing in a dark and negative way that will give others nightmares. 
  7. Accessories include gold or silver chains, whether necklaces, belt, bracelet, or crossbody chain. You can also wear colorful chains to match your outfit. (Cool, I have always liked chains as accessories. Most of my purses have chain strap or chains as accessories). 
  8. Boiler suits
  9. Suits with big shoulders
  10. 90s styles are back in 2019-2020. (I hope I can get into my clothes from the 90s because I like my old clothes).


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