10 Tips to Create your signature style

Thursday, August 1, 2019

As I was going through papers, I noticed a magazine page I had torn out from Lucky Brand fashion magazine’s September 2008 issue. I think the September issues in fashion magazines are always the thickest as well as they are always with creative and artistic inspiration. Anyway, this page is about creating your signature style based on key pieces.

  1. Coat—is either worn for warmth on cool months or a light version worn as a light cover-up over a summer outfit for hot months. This light coat can also serve as protection from the sun, especially if you forgot to apply sunscreen. Other coats might include trench coat, raincoat, or pea coat.
  2. The right purse for the occasion—I mostly use my Lagerfeld, LV, RegalCrest, and other small no-name purses.
  3. The right shoes for the occasion—I like my shoes, but with the current veins issue, I might need to start wearing boring old people orthopedic shoes.
  4. Statement earrings—earrings are fun, whether casual or dressy.
  5. Pendant necklace—jewelry depends on my mood at the moment.
  6. Perfume—I really don’t have a favorite. So, I wear whichever fits my mood.
  7. Organize your purse with little pouches in order to find things you need easily. Besides your wallet, have a makeup pouch for basic makeup needs and compact mirror, keys pouch, Iphone needs pouch, and maybe a pouch for loose change. These new tiny purses can also be used as great large purse organizers. I mostly wear these tiny purses as crossbody accessory to complete an outfit. 
  8. Place business cards in one of the purse pockets. I am a graphic designer. So, I design new ones all the time when I get sick of looking at my old ones.
  9. Signature ring—probably the rings I got from family because they are heirlooms as well as some gifts from my mother. Nowadays, wearing many rings on one hand is stylish.
  10. Signature sunglasses—I have always had signature sunglasses, mostly because I need to wear prescription glasses and sunglasses. So, I work it with cool shades. My current sunglasses are the brown frame Ray Ban. But past favorites included my Ralph Lauren Polo black aviator sunglasses, a small oval black no-name sunglasses, a big blue statement sunglasses with a long red line going straight across on the top, and my Pierre Cardin brown and gold sunglasses.

Print rayon, silk, or linen shirt, worn with either jeans, leggings, skirts, or cropped pants.

Extras to complete your outfit might include scarf—whether knit, wool, or cotton, stylish hat—whether for weather conditions or just to look fashionable, and/or statement belts. Gloves and headbands are also good extras.

Remember to wear print shirts with solid pants or skirts; and, when wearing a solids outfit, don’t use more than three solid colors. Keep it to two solids and maybe one accent color. Monochromatic outfit is still popular. Monochromatic doesn’t have to be all the same shade. It can be different shades of the same color.


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