Yoworld Succulents/Cacti Challenge Scenes June 2021

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Succulents and Cacti Challenge Scene, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The front yard of The Vegan Ranch.

For my first avatar’s Challenge Scene, I received 4.7/5.8. I decorated the Adobe ranch home’s front yard with nature, native plants, native American props, and some friendly wildlife, living in harmony with the inhabitants. A small cute pond for ducks, geese, other birds, turtles, and frogs, and a cute fox family who have been adopted by these four residents as their guard wild dogs. They live on the ranch, in the backyard, and are fed and well cared for as pets. The lanterns are beehive inspired to keep the décor in the nature theme. I added a cozy bench, surrounded by purple flowers for these two married couples to enjoy. The first scene appears to be the house of the dark-haired yuppie couple.

My second avatar’s Challenge Scene is similar but with different props. I received 4.3/5.8, a lower score than the first one. It is the second Ranch house, in which the other couple in this scene reside. They are best friends, and they hang out together in each other’s ranch house. In this Ranch Home, I used a different pond, which looks very simple design, and it has more wildlife visitors—ducks, ducklings, geese, turtles, frogs, seagull, and exotic birds. The second scene appears to be the home of the blonde hippie girl with her exotic green-eyed husband because it has more hippie props—door décor, colorful guitar, rock décor shapes of heart and peace sign, and some native American pottery. It is also filled with native plants, cacti, and native flowers.

My two avatars show up in their respective challenge scenes, interviewing each couple about their home. My first avatar is the brown-haired girl with the blue fedora, seated at the floral-covered bench, and my second avatar is blonde, blue-eyed girl with the gray fedora, seated on the rock, watching the cute duck, geese and other wildlife enjoying the cool but quaint pond.

Which adobe home front yard do you prefer, the hippie artsy version or the fancy yuppie version? Yoworld residents who voted on these challenge rooms appear to like the Yuppie fancy version better because it got a higher score. Since I decorated both rooms, I am not sure which I like better. The hippie one looks cozt and boho, while the yuppie one looks minimalist and elegant.


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