Yoworld Scottish Fashion Challenge

Thursday, November 11, 2021, the magic number of 11:11

Challenge 3 is a fashion challenge outfit for a big dinner party in Stirling, Scotland, in the Banquet Hall. My first avatar received 4.5; my brown-haired avatar is dressed in a tartan beanie, kilt, sash and scarf, and she also wears thick knit knee-high socks and Scottish strappy shoes. She carries her national flags, as she hangs out with her pets.

My second avatar received a 4.1; my second avatar is a redhead, but without freckles. She also wears a tartan kilt, sash and scarf, as well as knee-high socks and Scottish strappy shoes. She also wears a cool knit beanie with two pompoms. She hangs out with her maid, son, and two cats, as she carries her national flags to celebrate the big occasion.

Which outfit and style do you prefer for the holidays? 


What do you think?

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